Sunday, April 7, 2013

We're both Union Redskins now

A few changes since I last posted...!

Brett made it through another busy season at Ernst and Young this winter, but, as usual, it wasn't a very enjoyable time for either of us.  We decided that it needed to be the last EY busy season.  Brett looked to see if Union (the school district I work for) was hiring, and lo and behold, they were!  He just finished his first week of work as an accountant for the school district and seems to be doing well with it.  Selfishly, I love the fact that he's less than a mile from me during the day (we carpool sometimes), he gets off at a normal time, and we're working towards the same goal--educating the kids in our community.  I love it.

I'm enjoying my time at Union as well and am very happy I made the switch from college to high school teaching.  Algebra II still gives me a run for my money in terms of ability and behavior, but I've grown very fond of these kids, so that makes quite a difference in my attitude.  I still wish the state's requirements for high school graduation were different, or that "college/career readiness" would focus more on the career part as opposed to the college part for some of my kiddos.  But I'm doing what I can for each of these 150 students, and that's incredibly rewarding.

On the upside, I was told I'll be teaching AP Calculus in the fall, so I'm quite excited about that!  I know this will sound weird to most, but I come alive when I talk about, study, and teach calculus.  It's my fave.  And the kids will be able to add and multiply!  (Couldn't help myself, sorry.)

Brett has been the greatest support in the world this year as I've treaded through the waters of public high school education (sometimes especially scary as I didn't attend any kind of public education institution until...grad school...which isn't at all the same).  Yesterday, he even helped me chaperon a Math Club field trip to the OKC Science Museum!

In addition to working, we've been enjoying doing some minor renovations to our house.  We love our home and the part of town we live in.  We're just two miles from the high school, so pretty much every thing we do is in our school district.  Even though Tulsa is big, being a part of community like Union makes it feel more unified.  And I rather like that.

As I've now been brainwashed to say: "It's a great day to be a Redskin!"

I'd love to hear what you've been up to recently!  Please drop us a line or two when you get chance.

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