Sunday, March 18, 2012

The House Hunt

What do Rebecka and I do these days?  We watch TV like every good American family.   These days, Rebecka and I have been captivated by HGTV - the channel dedicated to real estate.  The shows are simply riveting.  Do they want wood floor or carpet?  Is a small closet a deal breaker?  After months of careful studying, we took all our accumulated knowledge about real estate and visited a few open houses today.  We stopped at three houses within a few mile radius of our apartment just to browse.

As a person in the financial field, I was interested in the investment value of each property as well as the whole realtor/buyer interaction.  Since we all know the housing crash was caused by handing out NINJA mortgages (No Income, No Job, No Assets), I figured young people like us would get some strange looks like "Can you afford this?"  However, to my dismay, one of the realtors actually gave us a business card for a mortgage company that grants loans with zero down payment.  Perfect.

All this to say, we aren't buying a house yet.  We like the freedom of renting a bit too much.  Someday, we will taste adulthood and buy a house but not today.


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