Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Kermy Christmas

We are en route to Sioux Falls!

Homemade candies!
Yesterday we spent a great Christmas Eve with the Kermanshahi clan. The couple days leading up to it, the ladies in the family cooked and baked all sorts of Swedish and American goodies. I had an awesome time learning even more recipes from my mom, who's a wonderful cook. However, I'm still amazed at how quickly days' worth of work disappears in devouring mouths, my mouth being one of the foremost culprits.

It was really fun for me to get to share my family Christmas traditions with Brett this year. We ate an enormous lunch (lunner), opened presents (Hanna and I are convinced this activity occurred much earlier than it did when we were younger), watched The Nativity Story, and attended a beautiful candlelight service at Asbury (a tradition we learned from my dear American husband).

We tried, Rhema.  We tried.
After the service, Brett, Hanna, David, and I attempted to go see the Christmas light spectacular that Rhema puts on every year. Sadly, traffic was so congested that we decided just to drive by it and wave. We might try again New Years Eve.

Now we're headed up north for Peterson Christmas! We are very grateful that we have the ability to spend this holiday with so many family members.

So, merry Christmas to you! And as we sang last night in a sanctuary lit by thousands of candlesticks, "Joy to the world! The Lord is come!"
Merry Christmas!

And that's a Christmas platter

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