Friday, December 16, 2011


Another semester down!

Every year, I can't believe how quickly classes go by.  This semester--although there's always much joy in finishing--I was especially sad to say goodbye to my students.  I had an incredible group this time around.  For a teacher, students can obviously make or break your job experience (unless you're Superwoman/Superman).  These students made me look forward to going to work (nearly) every day.  And I'm not sure very many people can say that.

While I'm sad to be saying goodbye to these awesome high school seniors, I'm excited to meet a new bunch come January.

But, until then, Brett and I have some wonderful--although crazy--Christmas break activities planned.

In a few hours, we will be boarding a plane to see our dear college friends, Ashley and Josh, in Idaho.  Ashley and I were basically glued to the hip during college.  Our visit promises to be great, to say the least.  Plus, neither Brett nor I have ever visited Idaho, so that will be another location to pin on the map.

After a few days with Josh and Ashley, we're coming back to celebrate Christmas Eve with the Kermanshahis.  As you may remember, a continual debate between Brett and myself is when Christmas should be celebrated.  This year, we'll get the best of both worlds as we'll be celebrating Christmas Eve with my side and then traveling Christmas Day to South Dakota to spend Christmas night with Brett's side.

I warned you--crazy, but fun.

This will be the first Christmas Brett and I will get to spend with my family since we've  been married.  I'm very much looking forward to sharing some of our traditions with my wonderful husband.

That's what we've got planned for the next couple of weeks!  I hope to post pictures of our adventures.

What are you up to this Christmas?

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