Friday, August 26, 2011

17 Again

It's official--Brett and I have survived our first week of work in Tulsa!

On Monday I started my first day as a teacher.  Not a tutor.  Not a TA.  But a full-fledged teacher!  For those of you who have known me for a while, you know that being a teacher is really all I've ever wanted to be "when I grow up," so it still feels somewhat surreal that I have finally gotten to this point.  Others seem as surprised as I am because all week I have answered questions such as, "So...have you actually taught before?"  "And, um, how old are you, exactly?" "So do you go to school here?"  And my personal favorite, "YOU'RE a teacher, too?!  Good lord, I'm getting old.  She looks like she graduated from high school!"

Although I'm employed by the community college here in town, my time is split between teaching accelerated classes (aka College Algebra) at the local public high school and tutoring at the college.  During orientation at the high school, the principal told me, "I mean this as a compliment, but we are going to have to get you an ID asap because you WILL be mistaken as a high schooler."  Thank you for that.  But I obeyed, and the first day of class I went to go get my ID.  Which now says I'm a senior in high school.

I have not obeyed the "You should wear this at all times" rule.

On the bright side, my 17- and 18-year-old students (whom I apparently look like) are incredibly sharp and (for the most part) motivated.  All week, I felt like I was boring them to death (restrain your jokes, please).  I finally threw some "challenge" problems at them yesterday to keep their pride at bay a bit (insert evil laughter here).  Ah, the joys of teaching.

In addition to working, Brett and I have very much enjoyed spending time with my family, who arrived from Sweden last week!

Tulsa has definitely had its set of challenges, but all in all, we're happy to be here.  We miss all of you up in South Dakota but are so very happy to be with our dear friends and family down in good ol' Okie land.

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