Monday, June 6, 2011

Rudskoga | past meets present

A couple days ago we got to visit the house that my grandmother grew up in and meet with a few of my cousins and aunts and uncles.  My mom and her sisters would spend their summers up there when they were young, and my extended family still uses it as a summer vacation home.  My grandma has been insistent on keeping the 1860 house the same way it was when she was little, which means no indoor plumbing or electric, and I'm so very glad she did.  It's a little piece of history for everyone to enjoy.

I was so excited to see the place I remember spending a couple summers (although it's been eleven years since I've been to Rudskoga last).  What was maybe even more exciting was showing it to Brett, Don, and Sheri.  Don's family emigrated from Sweden around the same time my grandma's home was built;  it was intriguing to think about the different kinds of lives our relatives lived.

I also learned more from my grandma about my great-grandfather than I have ever known.  My great-grandpa was a shoemaker as well as a local accountant.  My grandma has kept all his tools and shoe molds exactly as he left them in a little shop adjacent to the house.

Again, the pictures say it better than the words, so here you are!

My precious grandma

Two of my favorite people

The front of my grandma's childhood home

The Swedish flag flies high

My grandma's stroller

My great-grandpa's shoe molds

The lake beside the house

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