Monday, May 9, 2011


One Kermanshahi graduated
from kindergarten,
the other from high school
This past weekend was graduation!  The day you sit for two and a half hours so you can walk across a stage in two and a half seconds and shake some people's hands.  Why do we do this to ourselves?  I have no idea.  But I do know I love it.

I'm also very grateful that I can tell you what's next for us.  I still have some work to finish up on my Master's this summer as well as teach a class.  But in August, Brett and I are moving back to Tulsa!  While we're sad to be leaving family and friends up here, we're both very excited about what's in store next.

OWU Graduation 2009
I recently accepted a teaching job at the community college.  I'll actually be teaching College Algebra again.  (I'm starting to wonder exactly how many times I'll teach this class--after next spring I will have taught it nine times.)  This time, however, I'll be teaching it to high school students who are taking it dual-credit.  The reason this is so exciting is because that's exactly how I got my start in mathematics:  I took math classes dual-credit from the exact same community college.  So, I'm pretty pumped.

Since Brett has one of those degrees that you can find a job with almost anywhere, we've been focusing on making sure I could find a job first.  Now we'll focus on finding him a job, which won't be quite as hard, I'm guessing.

The highlight of moving back will be that we get to spend some more time with my family.  We're so excited to spend more time with them and with all our wonderful Okie friends, too.

USD Graduation 2011

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