Thursday, May 26, 2011

Comps: Why oh why?

With the exception of a road trip last weekend, the month of May has been devoted to studying for my second (and last) set of written comprehensive exams.  The test is tomorrow and I'm so tired of studying, that I thought, hey, instead of studying, why not write about studying.  It sounded much more fun to me.  So, here we are.  Aren't you lucky.

The good news is that Brett and I--along with Don and Sheri--are going to Sweden on Monday!  So, if I pass, I will most likely be in a lovely mood the entire time.  The bad news is, if I don't pass, I will most likely not be in a lovely mood, and I will have to retake the portion(s) I failed in July.  If I don't pass on the second try, I don't get my degree.  No pressure.  I think my professors like me enough to let me graduate, but, the above scenario has happened before, so there's no room for cockiness.

All in all, while I love to complain, I also really love what I do.  I'm so lucky I get to study what I love.  I sometimes wish I didn't have to be tested over it, but, if that were the case, there's a good chance I wouldn't study near as hard.

Around 150 notecards filled with proofs that were "suggested"
that I know.  Yes, I want your sympathy.


  1. well, how'd they go?!?

    And, yes, I feel DEEP sympathy for you regarding those notecards. That just looks brutal...

    And, how long will you be in Sweden?

  2. Thank you for your sympathy, Lindsay. It is greatly appreciated. :) Well...I think I passed, but I won't know for sure until I get the official email. I lost sleep before the test due to anxiety and now I'm loosing sleep after the test for the same reason. I think it's time for me to take a break from school!

    On a brighter note, we'll be in Sweden for nearly two weeks! Yippee!!