Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What would I do without my teachers?

Well, it's official.  In one moth I will be walking across a stage, ready to receive a diploma!'s not exactly the end of graduate school for me.  I still have quite a bit to do this summer, but they're letting me walk early.  And I'm not complaining.  Anyway, in honor of being very close to being done with my coursework, I thought I'd share some really wonderful quotes from my professors.  Most of these quotes require no math knowledge, so don't worry.  They're just funny in and of themselves.  As I take notes in class, I write down anything funny they say in the margins.  It makes studying much more amusing.

**Assume Chinese accent**

It not so difficult to get A or B in this class.  However, it not difficult to get D or F either.

By the way, the weather getting cold.  Keep you warm.  You cannot sick.

Student:  It's cold out there!
Professor:  I know.  I fall.

Believe me.  You have bright future.  Study hard.

I don't like summation at all.  I like integration.

I'm not going to do it for the discrete case, because discrete case very terrible.  You have to do a lot of subtraction.

We are so lucky!  Y1 and Y2 are independent!

**Assume Chilean accent**

In College Algebra we teach you how to solve linear equations and then quadratics.  We give you some ideas for solving polynomials of degree three...some of them are totally worthless...

If you find what you are doing is difficult, don't worry.  It's probably correct.

Professor:  Pizza without anchovies is not a pizza. That's a lemma.
Student:  Good luck proving that.
Professor:  Oh, it's proven.

**Assume Romanian accent**

It can be an open set with boundary not of measure zero, which is a really terrible situation.

And now, one of the most glorious definitions of this class...

You look depressed.  Let me prove a beautiful theorem for you.

It's like that movie Groundhog Day.  Suddenly I wake up and I'm back to the Mean Value Theorem.

Wow!  It smells so good in here, doesn't it?  Or is it just me?


  1. My responses...

    I like the depressed/theorum theory.
    I never knew so many internationals were in South Dakota.
    How can I like some who actually loves numbers the way I like you??

  2. (1) That's my favorite quote, too.
    (2) I'm pretty sure all the internationals in the entire state teach at the universities.
    (3) I don't know. Sometimes I wonder how I have any friends at all, let alone how I found someone who's willing to put up with this on a daily basis! Bless him...

  3. We got another really great quote today:

    Teacher: On Monday, you should all dress nice as will prove the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus for multi-dimensions.

    Student: Should we bring champagne?

    Alas, there are days that I am very ready to be done with all the work, sweat, and tears. And then there are days like this that make me wonder how I'm going to be able to leave a community that loves what I love so much...