Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A spring walk in the eyes of a cat

Today was a beautiful day in South Dakota.  Dad assured us that tomorrow would not be nice again, so Mom decided I could take her out on a walk.  Boy oh boy, did I see some strange things today…

First there were the small black creatures—I believe you humans call them birds.  Well, something in me said, “Donny!  You’re supposed to hunt those things!”  I told myself, “But I just ate!  I’m not hungry.”  Myself said, “Who cares?!  Think about how much fun it will be to capture one.”  I agreed.  I got low—very low—to the ground.  I army crawled closer and closer to the “bird.”  Just as I was about to pounce, the darn thing flew so high that not even I could jump high enough to catch it.  And I’ve been told I’m a very athletic jumper.

I decided it wasn’t fair game—me and the birds.  For some reason I don’t have claws in the front like I do in the back (I vaguely remember a time when this was not the case), so I couldn’t climb up the trees to catch my prey.  Thus, I started to take Mom on a walk around the neighborhood.

You won’t believe what I saw next:  a creature, much bigger than myself, with long, golden hair.  “Whoa,” I thought.  “What is that ugly thing?”

“Isn’t that a beautiful dog?”  I heard Mom say.

So that’s what it’s called.  A “dog.”  Well, beautiful is not exactly the word I would use, but…Hey!  The dog is yelling at me!  What did I do?  I just wanted to say hello. 

I was going to go up to the dog and try to make peace when a human stepped out and yelled, “No, Bella!”  I could tell Mom didn’t think my idea of making peace was a very good one because before I knew it, I was being swept up and carried away from the dog. 

You humans will never know what it’s like just to be picked up and placed elsewhere.

Well.  I was not going to let my outing be unsuccessful.  First the birds, now the dog.  There’s got to be some creature out here that I can either catch or make friends with. 

Then I spotted it.

I had seen these things inside, too, but outside they look so much more scrumptious.  I know they’re called flies because Mom has asked me to eat them for her before.  I crouched low to the grass.  I shifted my weight back and forth on my back paws so as to make my rear end shake (in case Sadie was watching from inside).  I took a final deep bend to the ground….I pounced…I flew over the grass…the fly was sure to be mine!  And then, just as I went in for the kill, my red leash tugged me backward and I fell to the ground, defeated.

That was my adventure in the great outdoors.  Less successful than I would have liked.  But next time, mark my words, I will capture something.

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  1. Haha I love this! Life from a cat's perspective is very interesting indeed