Monday, April 25, 2011

Harry Potter and Ben-Hur

Well, friends, we did it.  I think it's safe to say that Brett and I are two of the few people on this planet crazy enough to have read the entire Harry Potter series aloud.  It took us nearly a year to read more than 4,000 pages (thank you,, but we are done.  And I'm not gonna lie.  I'm a little sad to say good-bye to my fictional wizarding friends.

If you've never done so, I highly encourage you to read this series by J.K. Rowling.  Not only is the story captivating but it also contains some of the most profound life messages.  Besides, what's a year of your life in the grand scheme of things?  Only joking...

The series begins by introducing Harry Potter, "The Boy Who Lived" even after the world's most evil Dark wizard Lord Voldemort attempted to kill him.  Harry later finds out that he lived because his mom died trying to save him.  His mother's love overcame Voldemort's hatred.

Love conquers.  Isn't this the theme of Easter?  God's love overcame our failures.  His love made us complete, now able to bring His kingdom of peace to earth.

I won't give a summary of the plot in case you do read the books one day.  But, in light of this past Easter season, I thought it was an important theme to bring up:  Love triumphs.  As I've reflected on this theme, I've realized that Harry Potter actually has quite a bit in common with Ben-Hur, which I have now watched twice in the past month and which is a telling of the Easter story.  Both Harry Potter and Judah Ben-Hur have tragedies happen to them that are unimaginable.  Both Harry and Judah are faced with the temptation to retaliate using violence.  However, in the end, they both learn that love--not hatred--is the answer.  As Ben-Hur concludes, Judah says, "Almost at the moment He died, I heard Him say, 'Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.'  Even then.  And I felt His voice take the sword out of my hand."

I pray His voice takes the sword out of my hand, too.  He is risen!

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