Monday, March 14, 2011

"Spring is here!" said the bumblebee

Updates from the Petersons...

  • Spring may not officially start till next week, but according to, it is currently 40 degrees here ("Feels like 32"), and my little heart is singing.  Wednesday we're supposed to hit 67, and I'm just not even sure I remember what that feels like.  In celebration of the upcoming weather, we bought Sadie a harness and leash (she asked for pink), so she can join the three of us (Brett, me, and Donny) on our spring walks that we love.  If you think we're abnormal, you're not alone.  Our neighbors completely agree with you.
  • I only had to reset one clock in our entire apartment for Daylight Savings.  Actually, there was one other clock, but we never changed it in the fall (we didn't think we'd be able to get it back up), so it's been an hour ahead for about six months now.  I claimed it was good for our subtraction skills.  Unfortunately, we did have a few guests glance at the clock, look horror-stricken, and leave suddenly.  Ah well.
  • Today is Pi Day, in celebration of the wonderful irrational number! (March 14...3/14...3.14...)  So, go and have yourself a piece of your favorite pie.

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  1. i knew it was Pi day and totally thought of you Rebecka!!! happy 3.14 day! miss you!