Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brett's sense of humor--not everyone gets it

Brett's sense of humor has caused us several awkward moments in the past few months.  His sense of humor is...sarcastic, for lack of a better word.  Not sarcastic in a mean way, but in a I'm-going-to-say-something-so-ridiculous-obviously-I'm-joking kind of way.  Unfortunately, others must not find it ridiculous enough to know he really is joking.

First off, one of my favorites.  Last week we had dinner at a friend's home.  She asked Brett if he liked tacos.  Brett's response:

"I love tacos.  They give me an awful rash."

Of course, everyone in room fell dead silent.  I seemed to be the only one who knew he was kidding.  In an attempt to silence the chirping crickets, I gave a nervous chuckle.  Not sure it really helped.

Instance Number 2.  Our friend Kaylee is getting married this summer.  We got to see her on Sunday, and we asked how wedding plans are coming.  Brett's response:

"Are they going to release two doves when you are pronounced husband and wife?"

Finally, Brett relayed this occurrence from work.

One of his co-workers is pregnant and she asked Brett to guess the weight of her baby at birth.  She is holding a contest with prizes for the one who guesses the closest (you can see why he needs to resort to humor).  Brett's gut reaction was to say, "100 pounds."

However, a small, tiny voice, that I like to think sounded very much like my own entered his head: Don't do it, Brett.  They never know you're kidding.

As awkward as the situations can be, I find his humor hilarious--even if I discourage his announcing to a crowd that tacos give him rashes.

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