Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What's New

Hello --

So it's really cold here.  For everyone wishing they had snow --- trust me that the novelty wears off once Christmas is over.

As most of you know, I am an auditor and thus on occasion I get to count things.  Last week, I had the privilege of counting inventory for a small city.  This particular city had several enterprises such as electric, water, sewer, garbage, and telephone.  All of these services have inventory in case a disaster strikes (Ice storm perhaps). 

Since the auditing firm I work for consists of 15 ladies and 4 guys, they typically pawn anything manual over to us.  I thought an inventory count was just another "guy thing"  but would be overall enjoyable.
In a laughing and possibly sinister voice, my boss told me to "dress warm."  I heeded the advice and wore two pairs of socks.  I figured most of the inventory would be inside; yet, reality can be painful.  Most of the high value inventory items (telephone polls, transformers, reams of electrical wiring) are huge and thus stored outside.  Furthermore, the city spread out inventory in various exotic locations such as a nearby cornfield and the local dump.

To help me on this journey, the city provided a guide to track down the items.  This guy was a real man.  He had just returned from rescuing people from a car crash on the interstate.  He was unphased by the blizzard raging around us.  For the first half hour, I tried to present myself as tough.  Yet my facade quickly vanished.  The feeling in my toes went first; eventually, I lost the ability to hold a pencil.

All of this to say... I miss Oklahoma. 

The End.


  1. Aww Brettski. I am sorry for your misfortunes. But, I'm not gonna lie...that last line is what I like to hear. ;)