Friday, January 7, 2011

What we do when Brett's gone

Well, Christmas break was quite lovely.  Brett still had time off of work that he had to take before the calendar year ended, so between those days, holidays, and weekends, he managed to have ten days off in a row.  So, Brett, Hanna, and I had a great time together--celebrating Christmas and New Years' and the days in between of freedom and sleep.  And then reality settled in.  Brett had to go back to work.  And Hanna and I still have many more days of break.

What to do in Vermillion without Brett?  

At first, we really had no idea, especially since we are temporarily a one-car family again, so not only do we not have Brett to come up with ideas for us, we also have no means of transportation other than our own two legs. (Today we will attempt to WALK to the grocery store!  I'll let you know if we make it alive.)  So, we contented ourselves by sleeping in until hours I am ashamed of; exercised in the afternoons (I have some really great DVDs from the 90s); read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix; and watched one of our favorite sitcoms, 8 Simple Rules (for dating my teenage daughter), on YouTube.  Good times.

But, strangely enough, we started to feel lazy.  Maybe even slightly bored.

We needed a new form of entertainment.

So, whom do you call on this blog when all else fails?!  That's right!  Our cats!

Yes, friends, time and energy have been spent on teaching Sadie how to play fetch.  She got this wonderful mouse toy from my mother-in-law for Christmas that she brings to you and expects you to throw.  When you follow her instructions, she actually runs for it, brings it back to you, and asks you to repeat your action.

Here is proof.

Donny may have gotten a bit jealous of all the attention.  He's a sensitive soul.

So there you have it.  That's what's been going on in the Peterson household the past couple of weeks.  We get a few more days with Hanna, and then she's off to Tulsa for a short furlough before she journeys to Sweden and then Israel to study abroad for the semester!  She will be greatly missed, but Brett and I are very thankful that we get to spend so much time with her before she leaves, and we're also pretty excited to hear about all the experiences she will gain.

Until next time!