Saturday, December 11, 2010

Welcome to South Dakota!

This morning Donny kept pouncing on our bedroom window.  We were trying to get a little extra Saturday morning sleep, but he insisted something was very wrong outside.

We just ignored him.

An hour or so later Brett got out of bed, and I heard, "Oh no.  Rebecka, you need to come see this."  I immediately thought the cats had knocked down our Christmas tree or had made some other kind of disaster throughout the night.  To my surprise, though, I found Brett standing by the kitchen window, no mess and no cats in sight.

And then I looked out the window.  And this is what we saw...


  1. Do I dare say the weather here in Tulsa??? Slight breeze probably 55 degrees. I thought it would be colder when I stepped outside and then I was pleasantly surprised! Hope you are all enjoying the snow up north. No signs of snow down here. It feels strangely odd that there is no white stuff on the ground and it is almost CHRISTmas. Miss you all!