Friday, August 27, 2010

What to expect when going to the vet for the first time

Today was Chloe's first visit to the doctor.  I was sort of dreading it because I knew it wouldn't be a very pleasant experience for her and that she would probably blame me for it.  But it had to be done, so I booked an appointment, put her in the car (with no cat carrier) and drove the full five minutes to the other side of town.

As soon as I opened the door, Chloe and I were greeted by a very flat-faced, oversized Persian.  Chloe was slightly taken aback by this fluffy creature (I could feel her heart beating a little faster), but she remained calm and quiet.  "What a good little girl," I thought to myself.

As the vet was drawing blood, giving shots, and putting medicine in Chloe's ear, I could tell he was trying to talk to me to keep me distracted from Chloe's obvious discomfort.  He asked if I went to school at USD and when he figured out what I was studying, he replied, "Really.  You don't look at all like one of those math people."  I was highly intrigued by this observation and wanted to ask what in the world he meant by it, but I decided to just smile and pretend like I understood the comment.  But that was by far not the most curious thing he told me...

"Well, you've got a good boy, here.  You do know he's a boy, right?"

"  I have HER papers right here; I was told she was a girl."

"Oh, no.  He's clearly a boy.  This happens all the time.  Here, I can show you how we check.  See this little opening can actually just stick your finger inside like this..."

At this, Chloe started started yelping in pain...

"...and you can actually feel his penis!  Here, you try."

I was not about to go sticking my finger up poor boy-Chloe, so I again just smiled and pretended I hadn't heard the ridiculous suggestion.  I think Doc got the hint.

So, I guess we're in need of a new name.  The boy name we had picked out was Galileo Galilei (Leo for short), but now I'm not sold on it.  I suppose we could just stick with Chloe and tell everyone she's--I mean he's--a boy.  Kind of like Peter the girl parrot at OWU.

Well, I do have one thing to say:  Ash, I should have listened to you when you told me you thought Chloe was a boy!  Next time, I'll take your word for it over the rescue shelter's.


  1. Ah! I thought Chloe had a curious way about, him. I am absolutely dying with laughter right now. This is too funny! Maybe he could be a 'Leo,' but I do love 'Chloe.'

  2. What about just going with O'Brien! He's a Scottish kitten!

  3. This is great! Just yesterday I thought of an awesome pet name - Clarence. It just struck me as a funny pet name. I was thinking that it would be perfect for a fish, but a cat would work, too. Clarence O'Brian, perhaps.

    Or Jack - after all, it would still be an homage to 24, and LOST for that matter.