Sunday, August 8, 2010

Meet Chloe O'Brian!

We have a kitty!

After hours of looking at cats of all ages, shapes, and colors at the Sioux Falls Humane Society and leaving without a cat, we were both a little disappointed; but we kept telling ourselves that we wanted to wait for the perfect cat.  I'm going to be home a lot by myself this next year (and by "by myself" I mean me and my textbooks), so I wanted the perfect feline companion.  When we were at SFHS, all the cats I took out to come and play with me were not very interested in me.

So, we took a little break from cat shopping and then tried again at a different shelter a few hours later.  We walked around, looking at all the cats that were up for adoption, until we landed on a very cute little gray kitten with a Hitler-like mustache etched on her nose, a white stripe running from her forehead down to her belly, and all four paws dipped in white.  She wasn't like the other kittens:  she was very alert but not annoyingly so.  I picked her up and she sat contently in my arms.  Then Brett took his turn.  And that was that.  I just couldn't say "no" to the look on his face.  And it's a very good thing I didn't because she's been an excellent little kitty these first twenty-four hours.  She's very playful, but when she wants to rest, she makes sure she's in the same room we are.  During lunch today, she jumped right into my lap and sat there until we were finished.  I'm determined to make this cat a people-cat!

So, that's our story of Chloe O'Brian.  Ten points to whoever can figure out after whom she's named.


  1. I know who Chloe O'Brian is... but only because I Googled it.

    I'll save the big reveal for someone who knows without cheating.

  2. Haha! I would have done the same thing, Josh.

    Sarah Davis wins (via email)! Chloe O'Brian is the blunt computer analyst from the show 24. And Sarah doesn't even watch the show. Only you would know that without watching the show, Sarah...

  3. I just want to say that I love how as we are getting older, we are blogging about our life's journey and where the Lord is taking each one of us. Even through the simplest moments (such as Chloe)... I love it. I hope we all continue to journal and keep those who we value and cherish closest to us! love you guys!

  4. Chloe! She's adorable! And I can see the Hitler mustache too... I wanna come meet her sometime. :)

  5. yeah for pets! We are fostering a dog right now...they make life so much more fun!