Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lesson #1: Stick with Skirts

If there's one thing I've learned about Chloe O'Brian the past few days it's that this innocent-looking, tiny little kitten is a meat-crazed carnivore.  For example, yesterday I had a turkey sandwich for lunch, and that cat smelled the turkey from what seemed like a mile away.  I decided to give her little piece of the meat (probably a mistake, in hindsight) because she just kept looking at me with those beautiful green eyes and meowing like there was no tomorrow.  Let me tell you, I have never seen turkey go so fast in my life.  It was there one second and the next second it was gone.  She inhaled it.

For dinner I made tacos.  As you know, tacos require ground beef.  Problem.  Ground beef is meat.  Red meat, no less.  As I was browning the meat, Chloe cried and cried for some beef.  I told her that I would save some without taco seasoning for her but that she would have to wait until it was cooked and cooled before she could have any.  It was for her own good.  But she didn't care.  She stood up on her hind legs, leaned her long front legs on my shin, and meowed her little heart out for food.  I hope I can get these meows on tape sometime soon:  one meow can last for several seconds.  It's more of a serenade, really.

This morning I was washing dishes.  My guess is that Chloe smelled the leftover taco meat on our dishes and wanted her share.  Today I wore jeans, which I now realize was an error on my part.  As I was doing the dishes, our beloved little kitten quickly figured out how to climb up my pant leg, shimmy her way up side, and scoot her body on top of my shoulder, a location from which she could then jump to the counter.  I kept putting her back down on the ground, but she wanted nothing to do with floor.  I think she made her ascent a total of five times within about ten minutes.  I will probably have to learn how to keep moving while working in the kitchen.  I'm up for the challenge.

This is the finished result

Here's a video of Chloe's climb.  Excuse the bad videography.  It's a little difficult to tape a cat's crawling up a person when you're the person she's crawling up.

Oh yes, Chloe is named after a character on the show 24.  She's a computer analyst for the Counter Terrorism Unit.  The character on the show is feisty, and we wanted a cat with just as much personality.  A friend recently told me, "Be careful what you wish for," after I had said that I really want a cat with a lot of personality.  Probably good advice.


  1. Ay! She's so cute! :) Although are you sure you'd want to wear a skirt? She might decide to climb anyway and that would hurt a bit.

  2. Um, you are COMPLETELY correct! I tried switching (because she had never attempted to climb my leg before and I was always wearing a skirt).

    She tried to jump up to my skirt. But she missed. And I now have deep claw marks on my left leg. Cool, Chloe. Real, cool.

  3. Me too...

    I got really mad at her though and she hasn't tried it since!