Friday, August 6, 2010

Goodbye, Sweden | Hello, America

We are officially back in the great state of South Dakota!

After about twenty-four hours of no sleep, we arrived safely home on Wednesday night.  Somehow, on our longest flight (from Paris to Minneapolis), there seemed to be a child occupying approximately every other seat.  I didn't pay too much attention to this at first, until the plane started looking more and more like zoo by the hour.  Neither Brett nor I got a wink of sleep.  There was one child in particular that sat just a few feet away from us who screamed her little head off the entire flight.  I kid you not, friends, nine and a half hours of ear-piercing screeches.  To make matters worse, I started to experience terrible headaches every time we began to descend (my wonderful researcher of a husband later diagnosed it as Aerosinusitis--look it up on Wikipedia), which were intensified greatly every time I heard a cry at a God-forsaken frequency.  "It's ok," I kept telling myself.  "Just x more hours and then you'll land and be on your way to Sioux Falls and never have to listen to this girl again."  Right?


How many people do you think were on our flight from Minneapolis to Sioux Falls?  Seventy-six.  Guess who was one of those seventy-six.  You guessed it.  Miss Screecher herself.  Brett and I could only shake our heads in bewilderment.  How could this happen?

Thankfully, we landed in Sioux Falls within an hour and were greeted by my wonderful family-in-law and a dear friend from OWU.  We did lose the one backpack we checked in, but it has been found and should be returned to us sometime in the future!

I am currently working on unpacking our new apartment while Brett is at his first day of work.  For those of you who didn't know already, we moved apartments so we could get a cat.  Yes.  We're that crazy.

Well, that's it for now.  Many thanks for all your prayers while we were on this trip!  Hopefully our next blog will be about our new feline family member...

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