Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hej fran Trollhattan!

That's "Hello from Trollhattan!"  We have made it to my parents' place in southern Sweden, and it is beautiful here!

We arrived at the airport in Gothenburg on Monday night.  Sweden is so safe they didn't even stamp our passports.  When Brett asked an airport attendant if we had missed Passport Control, she replied, "Oh no.  We don't have such things here.  Welcome to Sweden!"  Then again, we had already entered the European Union a week ago, so maybe that's how they check.  We'll have to do some more research on the matter...

The next day we took a one-hour bus ride up to Trollhattan.  We've enjoyed playing in the parks with the kids, eating Swedish ice cream, and being with my family.

Brett's done so well hanging in there with all the Swedish being thrown at him.  He politely smiles and nods or patiently waits for me to translate.  He's quite a trooper.

Yesterday was Gloria's birthday, so we went to the lake and grilled hot dogs wrapped in bacon on a disposable grill (it was a new thing for me as well).  We had a great time relaxing in the sun and dipping our feet in the freezing cold water, fresh from the arctic.  Later, Gloria got her biggest birthday wish--a guinea pig named Astrid!  She's a cute little thing, and Gloria watches over her like her own child (Hanna and I joke all the time that she's going to be the first one to produce grandchildren for my parents, despite the big age difference).

Tonight we're going on a Swedish safari to hopefully see some moose!  I hope we can get some pictures for you!

Goodbye for now!

Hanna and I used to go sledding right around here.
Now Gloria and David enjoy all the different playground equipment.

Gloria took us on a "Nature Adventure."

Forest on one side.  Lake on the other.  Just how I like it.

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