Monday, July 19, 2010

From London to Paris to Gothenburg

We made it back to Paris!  And now we're on our way to Gothenburg, Sweden...

We ended our London trip with a beautiful show of Les Miserables and then spent the next morning walking around Portabello Road (we thought of you, Rachel!), which is an open-air market.  The market is famous for its antiques, but vendors also sell clothes and all kinds of delicious fruits and veggies.  We mainly just looked around, but we did purchase some delicious British raspberries!

Then it was off to Paris again on the high speed rail!  We were able to see everything we wanted to see these last couple of days:  Notre Dame, the Louvre, and--of course--the Eiffel Tower...three times.  Our hotel was a five-minute walk from the Eiffel Tower so we spent both our evenings there, watching the sun go down and then watching the tower light up magnificently (we shall attempt to post a video of it).  This morning, before heading to the airport, we actually got to go up the tower!  It was one of the coolest things I've ever done.  We thought we'd be adventurous (and cheap), so we decided to walk as far as possible, which means we walked 704 steps one way, to get to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower.  From there, if you want to get any farther you have to take an elevator (thank goodness), which is exactly what we did.  It was amazing.  Probably the coolest thing was looking down and seeing the shadow of the tower over the city of Paris (Becky told us of its magical powers).

The Louvre was pretty amazing, too.  I got a picture with the Mona Lisa.  Unfortunately, all the descriptions were in French, so we didn't know what we were looking at most of the time.

And, we finally did taste a French crepe!  It was divine--thank you for the suggestion, JJ!  We went for the Nutella, per your advise, Linsday. :)

And now, we're sitting at the Charles De Gaulle Airport, waiting for our flight to Sweden.  It's been an unforgettable week, and now we get to go spend some time with my family.  Hope we haven't bombarded you with too much information the past few days!

Au revoir!

First day to see the Eiffel

The Mona Lisa and me--do we look alike?

 Second floor of the Eiffel Tower--notice its shadow

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  1. Paris is the city of LOVE and since I'm an expert on LOVE it only makes sense that I would be an expert on paris as well