Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Introducing: MASTER Brett Peterson!

He made it!  In just a few short minutes Brett will be walking into the apartment, his last final ever--at least for now--under his belt.  On Monday he took his Exit Exam (a comprehensive exam of all the accounting courses he's taken), and he passed!  It's not been an easy journey, but he persevered--and it's been so worth it.  So, I'm going to take some time to brag about my husband, if I may.

Very few people understand what it takes to be in grad school, and I say that with as much grace as possible.  I understand what Brett's had to sacrifice in order to get to where he is, because, well, I'm in the same boat.  My dad, of course, went through grad school, too; and I've heard no one say explain it better than he:  "It feels like you're a slave to school, doesn't it?"  Yes.  That really is the perfect tag line.  Your mind is constantly thinking about papers, homework, and exams.  You spend a good sixty hours a week reading textbooks, working through your notes, completing assignments, studying for tests, and doing any outside research that may help you better understand your field.  That's what Brett's endured to get here.  The two of us joke that we've probably already knocked off a couple years of our life by the stress we've gone through because of school.

But there are a lot of joys that come with school, too.  I know Brett's had to push through rough classes and learn complicated subjects such as corporate tax, auditing, financial derivatives, and whole lot more that I could barely tell you one sentence about.  But the knowledge he's come out with is priceless.  And though we like to complain about how much work grad school is, or was, the truth is, we love being students.  We're so thankful that we even have the opportunity to study what we love and to learn from some of the best professionals in the field.  This is our worship.

So, way to go, Brett.  Thank you for hanging in there.  Thanks for being so supportive, even when there are a thousand other things vying for your attention.  Thank you for caring so much about your education, but not more than your marriage.  You were asked to do the almost-impossible:  juggle school, a new city, and a young marriage.  And I say you came out with an A+.

Love you, boy.


  1. Way to go, Brett! I'm so proud of you two for all your accomplishments-and at such a young age! Hip hip hooray!!

  2. B-B rett rett CONGRATULATIONS!