Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Fun Begins

Welcome, family and friends!

Well, it's official--we're starting our own blog. I've been receiving updates from one of my dear friends through her blog, and I've enjoyed it so much that Brett and I have decided to try it ourselves. We don't promise to be entertaining 100% of the time, but our hope is that we can stay connected with friends and family (who are all over the world!) and that we can chronicle our life together.

So, what's going on in our lives now?

Brett and I have absolutely loved being married. As most of you know, we're both grad students at the University of South Dakota (located in the wonderfully exciting town of Vermillion). Brett's getting his Master's in Professional Accountancy and will be done at the end of this month! I started my MA in Mathematics this past semester and hope to be done next summer.

Brett's in two summer classes, but I'm taking a little break this summer, which means I start all kinds of projects like trying to get all my lecture notes in digital format, starting to read the Harry Potter series (yes, I'm addicted now), and beginning a new blog. Let's hope I can actually finish them all.

Well, that's it for now, I suppose. Bear with us as we get this blog up and running. I'm going to try to figure out how to send these updates to you via email (if you'd like).

For now, grace and peace!



  1. Brett & Rebecka!
    I am so glad that the two of you are blogging now! I love that! I am a 100% for the bloggers out in the world! Praying for both of you!

  2. This is neat! I definitely like the idea of you two having a blog. Glad to hear that you are both doing well! Love you!

  3. hello...just wanted you to know that I'm now able to follow your blogs. I won't promise to EVER be entertaining! :)